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Zigong hosted exhitibion for 10 years anniversiry of China Global Geoparks

China Geoparks Network and Zigong Global Geopark co-hosted the exhibition of 10 YEARS ANNIVERSIRY OF CHINA GLOBAL GEOPARKS. The exhibition is opened by the director of China Geoparks Network-Mr. Zheng Yuan on 2, Febraury,2015, which runs until 15, March, 2015.



Responding to the proposal made by UNESCO, the government of China is one of the first pioneer developing geoparks in the world. In 2004, eight geoparks in China were established, becoming the first members of the Global Geoparks Network (GGN).


For a whole decade, guided by a vision based on protection, education and sustainable development, China made earnest efforts to develop and advance its geoparks, with admirable results. There are 111 global geoparks, 31 of which are located in China (as at 1 Oct 2014). The geopark initiative is highly regarded and strongly supported by all levels of government. Our geoparks have enjoyed active engagement by geologists, researchers and the general public. This China experience is led by the government, with the aim of attracting wide participation by the whole community. Our model is a robust force that has driven the development and growth of global geoparks. It also provides developing countries with paradigms and experience to learn from.