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Zigong Geopark locates in Zigong City, southeast China. The city has been thrived on salt industry, and the park is established as a result of salt and dinosaurs.

In 2001, Zigong Geopark was approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources of People''s Republic of China, and became one of the first national geoparks. It was approved by the Executive Board of Global Geoparks Network which supported by UNESCO,and be a member of the Global Geoparks Network(GGN) in 2008.

The park covers sedimentary stratum relics that experienced sea-land changes during the Triassic to Cretaceous Periods, taking Jurassic dinosaur fossil relics and Triassic salt making site as the main characteristics and Cyathea flora(''living fossil'') as the supplementary, as well as integrating profound salt-making history and culture.

Zigong Geopark is themed on three time-traveling themes: dinosaur fossils, salt well relics and colored lanterns of Southern China with a history of billions, two thousand and eight hundreds of years respectively.